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#ConnectMore18 highlights

Reflections on the workshops provided by the Student Experience Subject Specialist team on the recent run of Connect More events.

Summer is always a busy period for conferences and many of the Subject Specialists from the Student Experience team have been out and about delivering a range of workshops.


This summer has seen a return of Jisc’s exciting run of Connect More events across the UK. We want to give you a flavour from the Subject Specialists team and share some of the work we are currently involved with to support our members.

Here are our highlights:-

  • This year #ConnectMore18 kicked off in Scotland and we livestreamed the event where you can catch Chris Thomson’s session on Planning the route to improved digital capability in your organisation with action mapping. The session provided an overview of the action mapping approach and highlighted the key points to consider when implementing training at your institution. If you’d like to know more about this approach the session is a taster of a broader set of workshops that make up our Digital Leaders programme.
  • Employability is always a strong theme at the Connect More events and we wanted to dig a little deeper by exploring what the role of education (and by extension digital learning) plays in the learner journey. The world of work is changing and there’s a lot of  dicsussion focusing on how increased automation, the growth of AI and topics like big data both shape our view of the future workplace and introduce an element of unpredictability about it. Needless to say, it goes far beyond turning learners into productive workers.
Are robots taking our jobs?
  • At Connect More Wales Esther Barrett also built on this theme with a session on ‘Are robots taking our jobs?’ which took an insightful look at how the employability landscape has been evolving and the developing role robots. You can read more about this in a former post here.
  • Esther also launched our new Apprenticeship Digital Delivery Review service at Connect More in Wales and Newcastle. Based around Jisc’s apprenticeship journey toolkit the review allows providers to identify their priorities in the areas of preparation, planning, delivery and assessment. They will consider all aspects of the business from infrastructure to teaching and learning, and take away their own action plan in addition to subject specialist recommendations. Contact your account manager for more details!

All of the presentations and resources are freely available from our website by looking under each ConnectMore event. To catch up on all the Connect More action you might also like to follow the #ConnectMore18 hashtag on Twitter or join the Facebook group.

By Scott Hibberson

Subject Specialist (Online learning) at Jisc.

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