What happens when ChatGPT tries storytelling?

Chris experiments with ChatGPT’s abilities as a storyteller to see what we can learn about creativity.

Learning if the lights go out

Chris suggest some steps to help improving resilience of teaching and learning in the face of possible disruption to power this Winter.

What problems does the metaverse solve?

Chris summarises why thinking about emerging technologies like the metaverse help us focus on the core principle of solving problems, not trying to fit solutions into our own contexts, taking a phrase by Jon Hofgartner as a helpful mantra.

Helping teams to support learning in times of disruption

Lis Parcell and Chris Thomson highlight some potential challenges for college teams dealing with heightened Covid absences, with a reminder of some strategies and resources that could help keep support services going

Watch this space

Does the “metaverse” for education have legs?

The “metaverse” is making headlines, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and others. Chris takes a first look at the discussions that are starting to surface about this vision for future technologies and how they might impact education.


Pianobook: a different form of digital storytelling?

What does digital storytelling look like these days? Chris assesses the Pianobook community site as a possible unexpected example of digital storytelling in action.

Digital skills and employability in a transformed workplace

Chris takes a quick look at the issue of employability and digital skills, and how we are preparing college and university leavers to enter a transformed workplace.

Wales digital resources

Creating video for learning resources

Making teaching videos can be an excellent way of engaging learners. After 15 years of helping educators create video in various forms I’ve learnt that it can also be complicated, infuriating and time-consuming. At a time when you’re already under a lot of pressure, you want to spend what time and energy you have wisely. […]

Myths and Misconceptions Reflections

Skeuomorphism: helpful design or holding us back?

Chris looks at how a recent design update to virtual meeting software, an example of skeuomorphism, might have an unintentional impact on teaching and learning practice.

Add digital storytelling to your online learning toolkit

Chris looks at the fundamentals of digital storytelling and how it can play a part in effective online learning and assessment.