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What does the data tell us about initial teacher education?

Scott provides an update on Jisc’s initial teacher education (ITE) project. The project focuses on supporting our members involved with ITE to develop their digital practice. A comprehensive report detailing a snapshot of current practice is included.

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What role will immersive technology and artificial intelligence play in the future of work?

The way we work is always evolving. Recent advancements in immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT are set to transform the way we work. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how such technology could change our workplace practices. We’ll also consider what skills an employee might need for the future workplace.

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Creating Sustainable Digital Resources

This blog post looks at how we can promote sustainability when developing digital resources for learners, as well as things to consider when searching for Open Educational Resources.


Reflections from the digital pedagogy ideas room

Reflections from yesterday’s digital pedagogy ‘ideas room’ event online, which brought colleagues across FE together to share their challenges relating to digital pedagogy.

DIY learning and development

If you are searching for DIY learning and development resources to develop your digital skills, this list will help.

Top 10 Tips for using MS Teams as a VLE

Many learning providers are using MS Teams for both live and asynchronous delivery. We asked Microsoft for their top tips when using Teams as a virtual learning environment. Here’s what they said…

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Creating a Motivating and Engaging Online Learning Environment

A look into some of the practical approaches to creating motivational online activities and learning environments.

Is it a bad idea to put corporate logos on your teaching slides?

Some learning providers are using slide decks with corporate logos and busy templates. But is it appropriate to use marketing slides for teaching and learning? Esther Barrett explores some issues around using corporate slide templates in education.

Online peer observations

Many peer observations will be happening in live online classrooms in the coming months. Managers and practitioners are thinking about how to approach observations in a non-threatening way. If you want to design and run peer observations, this blog post will give you some practical ideas and considerations to get you started.

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What digital tools can you use for digital learning resource development?

Zac discusses digital tools that we can use for developing digital learning resources and what we must consider when selecting which to use.