DIY learning and development

If you are searching for DIY learning and development resources to develop your digital skills, this list will help.

Online peer observations

Many peer observations will be happening in live online classrooms in the coming months. Managers and practitioners are thinking about how to approach observations in a non-threatening way. If you want to design and run peer observations, this blog post will give you some practical ideas and considerations to get you started.


Building Bonds with New Learners

Many providers will be welcoming new learners in September. Esther explores some ideas for helping tutors and learners to bond with each other and their peers online.


Online meetings – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett shares her favourite tools and techniques for making your meeting interactive, engaging and accessible for your colleagues


Bins and recycling – digital skills are essential

Esther talks to Jamie and Vinnie who are loaders for RCT Waste Services. Digital Skills are becoming more important in their jobs as they collect more data on their rounds.


Observations on using Microsoft Teams as a backchannel

Does Microsoft Teams work as an effective backchannel? Read more to find out Scott’s reflections on using it at a recent workshop.

Digital Diamonds

Esther Barrett tells us about a new community of practice for Essential Skills Wales Digital Literacy practitioners and managers in Wales.

Digital capability: arrival or evolution?

Chris and colleague Shri Footring presented a workshop at December’s AoC Create comference in London about staff digital skills and adapting to constant change. Here Chris outlines how thinking about “conscious competence” can give a window on the activities leaders can encourage to support this in their organisation.

Curriculum Confidence comes to Belfast!

Scott provides an overview of the latest run of the Curriculum Confidence workshop in Belfast. This one day workshop explores how to build confidence when designing and delivering a digital curriculum that will prepare students to learn successfully in digital settings, and thrive in a digital world.


Teaching without speaking

Esther reflects on how she learned to teach without speaking and what that meant for her practice as a learning technologist.