Planning your extended reality (XR) journey: lessons from our Digifest community workshop

In a recent community session, around 30 members gathered to discuss how they were integrating immersive technologies into teaching and learning at their institution. Through the discussion, participants explored some of the challenges, questions, and best practice tips with one another. Three key themes emerged from the workshop: (1) determining a plan for embedding XR, (2) getting teaching staff engaged, and (3) getting learners engaged.


Digital Storytelling Community at Digifest

Jisc’s Digifest conference has wrapped for another year. It was as enjoyable, challenging and informative as it’s ever been. The Community Hub area was a new feature this year; a space for the groups that Jisc supports to come together for some rare face to face time. Having launched in January, it seemed a good […]

Developing staff and learner wellbeing at #Digifest2022

World events have continued to push wellbeing up the agenda for all UK universities and colleges. Scott and Edward from Jisc discuss how strategies to improve staff and learner wellbeing are shared at Jisc’s #Digifest2022 conference.

Dragon hunting at #Digifest18

Last week, Chris along with Liz Austen and Richard Beggs delivered a workshop at Jisc’s annual Digifest on how digital storytelling can enhance the student experience. The resources are available here and he reflects on the good practice that was showcased and how it fits into the release of Jisc’s new online digital storytelling workshop.

Amplifying Events through Social Media

Scott explores how social media can be put to good effect to amplify events with some practical tips and tricks picked up from the recent #Digifest17 event.