Creative approaches to assessment – Dr Rebecca Feasey

Chris talks to Bath Spa’s Dr Rebecca Feasey about her team’s creative approach to assessment in media and communications.

I recently sat down with Bath Spa’s Dr Rebecca Feasey for a conversation about creative approaches to assessment. I’d met her at an event run by Adobe where she was presenting some of the work she’d been doing with her team.

I thought what she had to say was so fascinating that I wanted to capture some of it to share here. Rebecca agreed to catch up on a Teams call some weeks later and to be recorded, a conversation I can now share with you.

We talk about a wide range of issues including:

  • Guiding principles of assessment design
  • Student expectations of assessment
  • Adoption of digital tools
  • Assessing process as well as output
  • Future directions

If you’ve got an interesting story to tell about assessment, drop me a note in the comments.

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By Chris Thomson

I'm a Subject Specialist at Jisc focusing on online learning and digital student experience.

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