How can digital offer a helping hand to teachers?

With a recent survey from the Office for National Statistics showing a rise in people having to self-isolate as a result of Covid-19 there are  clear implications for teaching and learning. Staff and student absences mean doing things differently. We are moving into our third year of teaching in hybrid and blended contexts. UK colleges […]

DIY learning and development

If you are searching for DIY learning and development resources to develop your digital skills, this list will help.

Top 10 Tips for using MS Teams as a VLE

Many learning providers are using MS Teams for both live and asynchronous delivery. We asked Microsoft for their top tips when using Teams as a virtual learning environment. Here’s what they said…

Is it a bad idea to put corporate logos on your teaching slides?

Some learning providers are using slide decks with corporate logos and busy templates. But is it appropriate to use marketing slides for teaching and learning? Esther Barrett explores some issues around using corporate slide templates in education.


Building Bonds with New Learners

Many providers will be welcoming new learners in September. Esther explores some ideas for helping tutors and learners to bond with each other and their peers online.

Reimagining teaching and learning

Active Learning in the Digital World

Active learning is the opposite of passive listening. Esther explores some key teaching methods and a range of digital tools and techniques to help.

Live online classrooms – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett shares her favourite tools and techniques for making your live onlive teaching session interactive, engaging and accessible for your learners.

Webinars – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett shares her favourite tools and techniques for making your webinar interactive, engaging and accessible for your audience.


Observations on using Microsoft Teams as a backchannel

Does Microsoft Teams work as an effective backchannel? Read more to find out Scott’s reflections on using it at a recent workshop.

Crafted Teaching, Splendid Learning

Esther reflects on the nature of teaching as a craft and why we must thread digital skills through the objects and activities that we create.