Good practice Reflections

Bins and recycling – digital skills are essential

Esther talks to Jamie and Vinnie who are loaders for RCT Waste Services. Digital Skills are becoming more important in their jobs as they collect more data on their rounds.

Good practice

Digital Diamonds

Esther Barrett tells us about a new community of practice for Essential Skills Wales Digital Literacy practitioners and managers in Wales.

Events Good practice

Curriculum Confidence comes to Belfast!

Scott provides an overview of the latest run of the Curriculum Confidence workshop in Belfast. This one day workshop explores how to build confidence when designing and delivering a digital curriculum that will prepare students to learn successfully in digital settings, and thrive in a digital world.

Events Good practice Reflections

Let’s go digital – an extra slice

Lis Parcell reports on the good practice shared at the second of CoLRiC’s two summer conferences for FE learning resources and looks at how college librarians are developing their digital capability. She also shows how you could help make a LearningWheel of useful digital tools for learning resources services.


Online language – Why do we need to teach it?

This the fifth in a series of blogs looking at online language… What is it? How is it being used? Why do we need to teach it? Here Esther looks at why we need to teach online language as part of digital capability and basic literacy.