Good practice Wales digital resources

Learning resources made digital

Lis Parcell reflects on what “digital learning resources” might mean for the post-16 sector in Wales.

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Reflecting on future practice – #ConnectMore19 and beyond!

As the #ConnectMore19 events draw to a close the digital practice Subject Specialists in Jisc share some of their highlights.

Good practice

Jiscmail lists for learning resources

Lis Parcell looks at some useful Jiscmail lists for FE learning resources staff and gives some personal tips on how to get the most out of your lists.

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Let’s go digital – an extra slice

Lis Parcell reports on the good practice shared at the second of CoLRiC’s two summer conferences for FE learning resources and looks at how college librarians are developing their digital capability. She also shows how you could help make a LearningWheel of useful digital tools for learning resources services.