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Reflecting on future practice – #ConnectMore19 and beyond!

As the #ConnectMore19 events draw to a close the digital practice Subject Specialists in Jisc share some of their highlights.

Events Reflections

#ConnectMore18 highlights

Reflections on the workshops provided by the Student Experience Subject Specialist team on the recent run of Connect More events.


Talking about employability at #ConnectMore18

Chris ran a workshop at the recent Connect More event in Scotland. Here he reflects on his two main personal learning points that arose during his preparation; how we can prepare learners to take on more of an active role in transforming the workplace and how rteachers can be effective role models when it comes to showing what digitally capable looks like.


Designing for Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum

Scott provides an overview of Jisc resources showcased at the recent Connect More events to support digital capability. These resources complement the ‘Curriculum Confidence: Deigning Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum’ sessions at Connect More and are aimed at curriculum staff wishing to embed digital into programmes of study.