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Understanding the Challenges

John reflects on the upcoming Digital Leaders Programme and the development of a session that looks at how digital leaders can approach challenges and see beyond the hyperbole and uncover new opportunities for working holistically across an organisation.

All good programmes develop and change over time to reflect the ever-changing landscape we live in. Over the summer we have been busy reviewing Jisc’s Digital Leaders Programme ready for the next run in September 2018.


One of the sessions on the programme focuses on recognising the challenges you face as a digital leader by asking the following questions:

  • How do you approach your challenges and see beyond the hyperbole?
  • How can you uncover new opportunities for working holistically across your organisation?

The ‘Understanding the Challenges’ session includes advice from a range of experts in the field to help inform discussions and helps attendees reflect on how challenges can become opportunities.

This short interview with Scott Hibberson, Subject Specialist – Digital Practice, explores how organisations meet the student experience challenge and what part technology can play in helping today’s students.

This is just one of many challenges we will explore throughout the Digital Leaders programme!

In addition to the approach described above, the 2018/9 Digital Leaders Programme comprises of several new research-informed insights into topics such as digital strategy and data-informed decision making.

You can find out more about the Digital Leaders Programme here and follow #jiscDigiLead on Twitter.

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