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Attendees at a training eventIn Octber we’ll be running the latest version of Jisc’s Digital Leaders Programme in Exeter. It’s our first time running it in the South West of England. I want to give you a sneak peak of something we cover in it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the programme since it’s very early days when it had a very different format to how it looks now.

It’s much more than just another leadership workshop. We cover a lot of different topics during the 4 days but what we provide is a rare opportunity to take a step back and actively reflect on your own personal practice and what transformation means for your own organisation. And all this is done with peers from across the sector making it a golden opportunity to expand your network.

Action mapping

To give you a bit of a flavour of the content, the video was captured at this year’s Connect More event in Dunfermline where I squished down one of the elements of Digital Leaders into a 30 minute slot.

I based the presentation on a technique called Action Mapping, pioneered by learing designer Cathy Moore which we’ve been advocating at Jisc for a while. It’s a robust, scalable process that aims to avoid falling into the trap we’ve seen with so many organisations where the answer to building digital capabilities becomes first and foremost a training issue. It’s obviously much more complicated than that. Action mapping gives you a framework to break down that complexity and turn it it into achievable goals.

(Man, it’s painful watching yourself on video!)

During the Digital Leaders Programme we take the opportunity to properly work through the process based on your own strategic objectives rather than the “speed-dating” version in the video.

The programme is for you if you are a new or established leader in your organisation or are becoming one. You don’t need to have the word “digital” in your job title either! If you have any questions about the Digital Leaders Programme, email us at or have a conversation with your Jisc account manager.

By Chris Thomson

I'm a Subject Specialist at Jisc focusing on online learning and digital student experience.

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