Digital Pursuits – playing the digital capability game!

Scott provides an update on EMFEC’s Technology for Learning network. Jisc’s work on digital capability and student insights were key themes as well as gamifying digital capability.

Today Shri Footring and I had the pleasure of attending EMFEC’s Technology for Learning Network. This regional event provided an ideal opportunity to share our work on digital capability with colleagues across the FE sector.

It also gave us the chance to indulge in one of my favourite hobbies – boardgames!

L-R – Karen Plowman, Scott Hibberson, Shri Footring

Digital Pursuits

Shri had creatively designed a ‘Trivial Pursuits’ style boardgame, based on the question sets from Jisc’s discovery tool! Shri’s innovation was to take the more traditional knowledge-based questions and turn them into open-ended prompts. This invites players to share stories of their digital experiences.

Benefits to gamifying digital capability

Playing the digital capability game!

The delegates loved the game almost as much as I did!

Here are the key reasons why:-

  • All players had a chance to share their experiences of digital and learn from each other
  • Digital capabilities in the round were discussed – from referencing an online article to describing how you have contribted to a blog or wiki
  • Game turns added pace to the experience and allowed everyone to take part
  • Dice rolling added an element of chance giving the game plenty of replay value
  • It was a different approach that helped inform conversations about digital and staff needs

Further resources

I’ve created a Wakelet of useful links which includes the key topics and the downloadable ‘Digital Pursuits’ template from the TES site.


By Scott Hibberson

Subject Specialist (Online learning) at Jisc.

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