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Creating video for learning resources

Making teaching videos can be an excellent way of engaging learners. After 15 years of helping educators create video in various forms I’ve learnt that it can also be complicated, infuriating and time-consuming. At a time when you’re already under a lot of pressure, you want to spend what time and energy you have wisely. […]

Reflections Watch this space

360 video – niche novelty or an immersive utopia?

Scott shares his observations creating a 360 degree video using a Samsung Gear 360 camera. The post highlights some of the key considerations you need to take into account when making your own videos and includes 360 degree footage of a twelfth century abbey.

Storytelling in the round – experiments in 360 video

Recently, Chris was presenting a workshop on what 360 video can bring to digital storytelling at a conference in Greece. Here he explains his reasons for exploring the technology and some of teh conclusions he came to including how to address some of the technical and artistic challenges.